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Pre-K to Kindergarten: School Readiness 2021

View this presentation on transitioning to kindergarten.  (English and Spanish content)

Traffic Safety

Safety of our children, family, and community members is our number one concern.  In order to maintain a safe and effective flow of traffic on Juniette, Randall, and other surrounding street, please remember to utilize the "drop-off zone" in the morning when dropping your kids off for school.

Please DO NOT:

  • double park along Juniette Street for any reason (i.e. dropping off/picking up passengers).
  • allow children to cross Juniette Street outside of the 'crosswalks.'
  • forget to check for moving cars before leaving the "drop-off zone.

Homework Policy

HOMEWORK POLICY [ABBREVIATED]: (A detailed policy statement is available in the front office) Purposeful homework is a necessary part of each student’s educational program. Homework is based on the needs of the class or individual student and is directly related to the content and objectives being taught. While homework may be scheduled over an extended period of time that may include weekends and vacations, homework will be assigned for a minimum of four days a week (Monday through Thursday). The average time needed for completion of homework assignments per day varies according to grade level.

•TK/ Kindergarten.....15 to 20 minutes
• Grades 1 & 2 ....20 to 35 minutes
• Grades 3 & 4.....35 to 45 minutes
• Grade 5...........50 to 60 minutes

In addition, students at Playa del Rey are expected to read or be read to for a minimum of 15-20 minutes daily.


Parent Volunteer/Visitor Policy

Playa del Rey is a school community that encourages all parents to volunteer to ensure the success of all students. Volunteers are essential to the success of our school, and we are very grateful for the contributions of our dedicated volunteers.  Please note that all volunteers must sign-in the main office. Volunteer identification such as a label and/or badge is required while on campus. However, to maximize instructional time and minimize distractions, parents who volunteer shall be limited to 20 minutes per day at the discretion of the site administration.  Please schedule your volunteer time in advance with your student’s teacher for special activities, field trips, etc..  If you have questions, please feel free to contact the site administrator.

District (LAUSD) policy requires that all volunteers complete and application be fingerprinted if servicing 16 hours or more per week.  Please view the document below for more details.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (310) 827-3560 and speak with office personnel. *Continuing volunteers need to renew their application every school year. A TB clearance is not necessary until after the 4th year.

Friends of Playa

Volunteers are critical and integral part to our school and are always welcome. If you are a parent or community member who might be interested in helping continue the great volunteer tradition see attachment below, the Friends of Playa page or contact the Friends of Playa at [email protected]

School Uniforms

While there is no formal dress code/uniform policy, Playa del Rey students adhere to a voluntary dress code that consist of: white or navy blue polo shirt with a collar, and khaki pants or knee-length skirt. Uniforms will be worn Monday-Thursday. Friday students are invited to either wear the uniform or a Playa Del Rey t-shirt. Because we are a public school, parents have the right to opt out of the uniform policy. To opt out, please write a letter to the office stating your decision to do so.  All students are required to adhere to the LAUSD dress code.

Uniforms are worn Monday- Thursday. Spirit Fridays are a chance to show school pride with spirit wear.

Health Information

Read below for information regarding lice.   You can also find information on the LAUSD website.

Playa School Song

Here are the lyrics to the Playa Del Rey school song that the students sing during assemblies.